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**2024 Pool Season**

Celebrating over 34 years, we have taken great pride in being an industry leader by providing professional pool services for the Greater Toronto Area.

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For New Customers in 2024

Safety Cover Promo

Save 10% on 2024 Full Summer Packages Only

You must currently have a Safety Cover installed

Additional Promo:

1)  All Safety Cover Customers now Receive a FREE initial water treatment package added to their pool prior to opening, with the purchase of a Full Summer Package.  (Valued at $96)

(Delivered end March early April)


Unlike Other Pool Companies

There are no additional charges for the following:

Additional Skimmers, Multiple Pumps, Booster PumpsPool Cleaners, Wall Outlets/Suction, Auto Fillers

swimming pool repairs


**Deadline March 10th**



Complete Pool Openings

Starting at

$ 549

(Prices may vary based on pool specs)

Complete Pool Closings

Starting at

$ 499

(Prices may vary based on pool specs)

Heater Clean & Start-Up

$ 195

(TSSA Gas Licensed)

Opening & Closing Package Promo

Expires March 10th
Then regular price applies

Starting at

$ 995.60

(Prices may vary based on pool specs)

Summer Chemicals are extra

Reg. $1048.00

Aprox savings($52.40)

Full Summer Package Promo

Expires March 10th
Then regular price applies
Includes:  Opening, Closing, and 18 weeks of Maintenance
with emailed service and chemical report cards.

Summer Chemicals are Extra

Starting at

$ 2568.80

(Prices may vary based on pool specs)

Reg. $2704.00

Aprox Savings ($135.20)

Full Summer Heater Plus Package Promo

Expires March 10th
Then regular price applies
Includes: Full Summer Package, Spring Heater Clean & Start
and 1 Mid-Summer ($99) Heater Call

Summer Chemicals are Extra

Starting at

$ 2848.10

(Prices may vary based on pool specs)

Reg. $2998.00

Aprox Savings($149.90)

Weekly Maintenance

Starting at

$ 92

Per visit

(Based on pool specs)

Balancing Chemicals delivered will be invoiced

Referral Program

You will Receive a

$200 Credit (on account)

When your "NEW" referral

purchases & pre-pays for a

All Prices subject to applicable taxes.


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pool cleaning

Thank you for thinking of us this season.  We would like to perform our Pool Opening service for you this year and in years to come.  What's included??

Pool Opening Service Includes:

  • Drain and remove winter cover.
  • Wash Winter Cover and all Water Bags and then fold.
  • Power Wash pool deck and all related pool equipment.
  • Install all summer fittings and equipment.
  • Clean scum line, tiles, and coping.
  • Filtration system is set up.
  • Once water in the pool is at operating levels the filtration equipment can then be started.  (return visits maybe necessary)
  • Cleaning, Chemicals, Parts, and repairs may then be required to ensure the system is functioning correctly with no leaks or chemistry issues once operating.
  • If you have any special request, please send us an email with details and we will be happy to accommodate.

**NOTE**  Safety cover pools are typically completed the same day since water levels are maintained.  

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Thank you for thinking of us this season..  We would like to preform our Pool Closing service for you this year and in years to come.  What's included??

Pool Closing Service Includes:

  • Draining the necessary amount of water to winterize the pool
  • Removal of ladders/diving boards and summer fittings
  • Plumbing, pumps, filters, heaters, salt cells, chlorinators, and any other related pool equipment, will either be drained, removed and winterized
  • All appropriate winerizing fittings are installed
  • Water is treated with necessary chemicals to protect during winter shut down
  • **NOTE  Pool should be cleaned prior to covering, We can provide that service, but please advise prior to closing date.
  • Pool is covered and cover secured.  Typical winter covers (Water Bags, Beaded, Safety Cover's)
  • All removed equipment will be stored away at customers requested location on property.
  • Final clean up, and lock up of gates and property.

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Thank you for thinking of us this season..  Have us preform our Weekly Maintenance Package for you this year and in years to come.  What's included??

Weekly Maintenance Package Includes:

**NOTE**  Our service crews come complete with all our own cleaning and service equipment.  We DO NOT use the customers cleaning equipment.  

  • Vacuuming of swimming pool.
  • Brushing and skimming.
  • Cleaning scum line.
  • Cleaning out all skimmer and pump baskets.
  • Backwashing sand filter system or inspecting of Cartridge filter systems. (Additional charges apply for Cartridge Filter cleaning).
  • Complete water analysis
  • Overall inspection of operating equipment (Pumps, Filters, Heaters, Salt Generators, etc.)
  • Customers chemicals added to meet safe and desirable swimming conditions (unless told otherwise)
  • Steve's Pools Services Inc. will also provide necessary chemicals for your convenience
  • A fully detailed report card will be EMAILED to you, to keep you informed of work completed and if there were any concerns.
  • Gates will be secured, or locked as required.
  • Adding water is customers responsibility, we only leave water running if customer is home and authorized.

At Steve’s Pools Services Inc.  It is MY job to make sure your swimming pool time is enjoyable.  If there are any special requests or concerns you have, I ask that you please mention it to our service technician on site, but you MUST also contact our office by phone or email,  right away so that it can be documented for future recall.     Steve

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Swimming Pool Heaters

I am sure we have all experienced in years past, that Swimming Pool Heaters are very finicky.  They seem to have a crystal ball and are able to fail right before the big family function. Swimming Pool Heaters do have many safety features that must be checked, cleaned or replaced every new season, and sometimes during the season.   Remember, Swimming Pool Heaters are a combustible appliance that creates a buildup of soot inside.  There are also the outdoor elements and hazards. Because most Swimming Pool Heaters are located outside, they are susceptible to Mother Nature’s fury and creations.  Heavy winds and rain can cause faults within the Heater electronics.  Animals, like mice, squirrels and spiders are famous for building nests within the combustion chambers or venting stack.  Then you have your lawn and leaf blowing equipment blowing debris in and around the Pool Heater.    All these issues will contribute to Swimming Pool Heater failure. To insure safety and proper operation, your Swimming Pool Heater requires service each new spring season when being initially started.  This can only be done by a TSSA Certified Gas Technician.  This should be done as early as possible to avoid unexpected delays during peak times when your heater is required to work.  Steve's Pools Service’s Inc. has a fully licensed TSSA Gas Technician employed with us, and is there to make you “first priority” when the time is needed.  We offer around the clock emergency service, so that your Swimming Pool Heater will be up and running again soon if it fails. We service and install all makes of Swimming Pool Heaters, and will ensure that all safety codes and regulations are up to date.

For prompt service.

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Pool Repairs

No matter how well you look after your Swimming Pool, or whatever products you may purchase for your Swimming Pool.  Sooner or later something is going to go wrong and you are not going to know what to do except to call...

Steve's Pool Service's Inc.  We will be right over.

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Salt Water Conversion

There are many Salt Water Systems on the market and many different myths about Salt Water Pools.  At Steve's Pools Service's Inc. we are there to answer those questions.  We can provide you with up to date techniques on how to look after your Salt Water Pool.  Steve will help trouble shoot minor issues on the phone, or provide service for those more tricky repairs or problems.  If you are looking to have a New Salt Water System installed,  Steve's Pools would be happy to provide you with your new system and installation as a complete package.  We have been installing Salt Systems for over 15 years now and those systems are still going strong.  Salt Water Conversions can be done anytime of year, however the best time is in the spring prior to buying other chemicals and having to remove extra water.  We typically like to install your New Salt Water System just prior to your Pool Opening.   For more information please call or email.  

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Winter/Safety Covers

We sell top quality winter covers only.  If you are in need of a Winter Cover Steve's Pools has what you are looking for.  We can provide you with Regular Winter Covers, Beaded Winter Covers, or a Custom Safety Cover.  Steve's Pools has now installed over 100 Safety Covers in the GTA, with perfect results.  Custom Beaded Covers are no problem.  Let us come out and give you a quote..there is no charge.. We also carry all other winterizing supplies like Water Bags and winterizing plugs needed to complete your pool closing.  Please call Steve's Pool's to arrange an appointment for your free quote.

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Liners/Liner Repairs

When it is time for a new liner, please call Steve's Pool's and give us the chance.  There are many ways to cut corners when quoting or installing a new liner, so not always is the cheapest price the best price.  This is one area you Do Not want to cut corners. I can assure you...WE DO NOT cut corners.  Steve's Pool's has installed hundreds of liners in the GTA with fabulous results.  There are a few liners we installed 18 years ago that are still holding up.  We look forward to hearing from those customers soon.  Combined with proper measurements, perfect care of installation and accurate chemistry, a liner should give you 12 plus years of service.  If you require repair to your liner that does not need replacing, we can provide you with that service as well.  We look after leak detection, underwater patching, coping repairs, floating liners, and that annoying strip of liner that just never seems to stay in the track.  It may only be 1 or 2 inches of liner out of the track, but when water gets in behind the liner, not only does it eat away at the liner from the underside, but can cause rusting and corrosion on the galvanized sheet metal walls or erosion to the finished floor underneath the liner.  This is what creates those terrible hidden costs that creep up on you when you need to replace the liner down the road.   Don’t ignore the minor things, as they always result in major costs.   Excessive water loss could be the first indication of a liner problem.  Call Steve’s Pools and have us check your liner for leaks.

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Here when you need us!

Take advantage of our many services. If you need your pool cleaned or just monitored while on holidays, call us. We service & install all pumps, filters and heaters. We also repair plumbing and have parts and accessories for all your pool needs.

pool maintenance

pool cleaners

About Steve's Pool Services Inc.

Over 30 Years of trusted service in the GTA. Get to know us better.

Steve's Pool Services was founded in 1991 starting as a Sole proprietorship neighborhood business in Thornhill. Since then we have become a company that so many people know and trust. Operating as Steve's Pool Services INC. we provide you with that same professional Opening and Closing service and that personal touch to our Weekly Maintenance programs that 100's of our clientele have come to know and love. We have extended our service areas from our Thornhill home base and for years now we have been building our customer relationships in Toronto and the surrounding GTA cities, including: North York, Downsview, Markham, Unionville, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Oak Ridges, Aurora, Newmarket, Kleinberg, Woodbridge, Maple, Concord, King City and Nobleton.

As a residential swimming pool service and maintenance company, we have built our reputation as being a one of a kind pool company while rapidly growing for over 28 years by just word of mouth. With our dedicated field supervisors and a highly skilled office manager we are able to respond and professionally attend to any issues or concerns you may have in a timely manner.

Here when you need us!

Take advantage of our many services. If you need your pool cleaned or just monitored while on holidays, call us. We service & install all pumps, filters and heaters. We also repair plumbing and have parts and accessories for all your pool needs.

pool maintenance

pool cleaners

With Trusted Service in the GTA for over 25 Years

Steve's Pool Services Inc.

Suite #20006, 4865 Leslie St., Willowdale, On. M2J 2K8

  • King City
  • Markham
  • Unionville
  • Thornhill
  • Vaughan
  • Richmond Hill
  • Oak Ridges
  • Aurora
  • Newmarket
  • Klienberg
  • Woodbridge
  • Maple
  • Concord

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Executive & Customer Support Team

Our executive team has over 85 years of combined experience in the pool services industry. Our main goal is to ensure a great customer experience for each and every client we work with.

Stephen S
Founder & CEO
Stephen S
Founder & CEO

As Founder and CEO I am always available with a hands-on approach to management.
I will personally address your questions or concerns and see to it that you are completely  satisfied.  For over 30 years I have assisted thousands of pool owners in making their pool season an enjoyable one. 
Feel free to contact me directly at:

Elizabeth P
Office Manager / Customer Service
Elizabeth P
Office Manager / Customer Service

We would like to welcome back Liz to our team as our Lead Office Administrator for Steve’s Pools.  Liz demonstrated great leadership and dealt with matters in the most professional way. Considering the short amount of time she had to learn, and with the new challenges of Covid.  Liz was diligent and incredibly detail oriented, very personable, and always accessible to Steve's Pool Clientele. , Liz was able to make a wonderful impact to our family, and the clients love her.    416-418-7946

Brad H
Gas Tech / Maintenance Manager
Brad H
Gas Tech / Maintenance Manager

Brad has been a huge part of our team since 2002
His attention to detail and customer care
has won over the hearts of many clients

As our #1 licensed TSSA Gas Technician I can assure you the job is done RIGHT the first time.

Brett & Eva
Liner Installing Team
Brett & Eva
Liner Installing Team

Brett and Eva are an outstanding team, comprised of skill, tallent, and personality. They provide Homeowners with a complete understanding of Liner and Safety Cover care.  Their 25 years of combined knowledge in the pool industry, along with Brett's years at Latham Pool Products as their lead Technical Service Representative offers you the peace of mind that you are getting one of the BEST in the liner business.  Strictly measuring and installing liners and Safety Covers, you are ensured you are getting the best fit the first time.

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